Moble Monopoly Review

Adam Horwitz is the owner of Cell Phone Treasure, he is just 18 years old and is now qualified to call himself an entrepreneur, he has had to teach himself everything, and now generates $429 daily through cell phones. His goal is to teach people how to make some extra money during these harsh times.

Over 61% of the world population uses a cell phone regularly, that is over 4.6 Billion users of cell phones. His system Cell Phone Treasure, offers you a chance of being able to get in front of 4.6 Billion people with an offer dozens of times per day. With the growth of Cell Phone users in an upward spiral, and the fact that the you can reach more people via their cell phone than any other media in the world. The prospect gets very exciting.

He explains that it is all done through Affiliate Marketing which is a method of earning by promoting someone else’s product through a custom personalized link, and then get people to click on your custom link and when they purchase you make the commission, Clickbank’s retail outlet is used to provide the link, and pay you the commissions you earn. He also teaches you to sue CPA Cost Per Action. The most important part of getting people to see your Affiliate link is then made possible through using the Cell phone. Inside Cell Phone Treasure he shows you exactly how to get a big chunk of that to see your affiliate link and click on it. He is also giving you a 60 Day, 100% money back guarantee.

Dot Cully

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