The Power of Vitamin D

 The Power of Vitamin D – Do you think the knowledge on the Vitamin D discovery of the 20 years should be acknowledged and emphasized in more detail?

Vitamin D may be the most explosive health discovery of  the last 20 years. But sadly most people are deficient in Vitamin D. Vitamin D safeguards us against cancer, diabetes and dozens of other health concerns. Our intake of Vitamin D supplements, if and when taken, are insufficient to prevent cancer, as much higher levels of Vitamin D are needed for it to be effective. 

Research gives us ample evidence that Vitamin D can give us a vital, energetic and disease-free life:

By preventing many different types of Cancer

By firing up our sex life

By burning fat faster with its fat-fighting potential

Vitamin D activates a key neurotransmitter that eliminates mood swings,

food cravings, and even depression, it also wipes out pain and fatigue. 

Our Vitamin D intake is often depleted by sunscreens and some drugs, the result being that the less than optimal levels of our intake of Vitamin D does not have the chance to do its job once it gets into our bloodstream. Studies show that the long term effect of this can be fatal. 

Vitamin D is both a vitamin and steroid hormone that influences every cell in our body, it keeps cells healthy and functioning at their best and its critical for our immune system. It can prevent cancer of all types but only when taken at higher levels then the usual recommended dosage.
Once Vitamin D is in our bloodstream it is used by our organs to repair damage including damage from cancer cells and tumours.

15 minutes of exposure to sunlight is all we need daily, but because of the time we spend indoors, and especially during the winter months we need to enhance our Vitamin D levels with supplements. The easiest way to reliably boost our Vitamin D levels is to take a daily supplement of Cod Liver Oil which is the most concentrated food source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D-rich foods like Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines, Tuna, Eggs (whole) can also boost our dietary intake of Vitamin D, these simple steps in boosting our Vitamin intake to a healthy level can dramatically reduce our risk of many chronic diseases.


To ensure you are not deficient in Vitamin D or to find the exact level of you deficiency you could get your Vitamin D level tested here:

Your level is measured in nano grams and the acceptable level is 35 to 45 ng/ml


Remember Health is Wealth

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