The Future of Holistic Dentistry – Reduce The Fear-Factor With Ozone Treatment

The future of holistic dentistry?
I believe ozone will play a key role in the future of not just holistic dentistry, but all dentistry. If ozone delivered to cavities via an FDA-approved medical device can eliminate the need to drill and fill cavities, then it can also prevent thousands of tons of mercury from being introduced into people’s bodies each year.
It can help people avoid the pain and suffering of drilling (which nobody enjoys), and it can also allow dentistry to be performed in a more pleasing way. This encourages repeat visit from patients and reduces the “fear factor” of modern dentistry. After all, ozone dentistry uses a device that never penetrates the gums or the teeth. It’s simply ozone being sprayed onto the problem area, then letting the miracle of healing chemistry do the rest.
In fact, I believe that dentists across the country will start recommending ozone-infused oils to their patients as a supportive “home” solution to help augment the ozone therapy they provide at their dental offices. It’s a powerful one-two punch: Do the ozone treatment at the dental office, then follow it up with daily use of ozonated jojoba on your gums each night.
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