Nitric Oxide – The Miracle Molecule that Impacts The Health Of Every Cell, Tissue and Organ in Your Body

Nitric Oxide – The Miracle Molecule

Nitric Oxide is a little gas molecule produced in our bodies. It impacts the health of every cell, tissue, and organ.  Hundreds of studies show that it boosts circulation supports a healthy heart and improves our sex lives.  These are great benefits but it does much more, studies show that it improves memory, slow response and confused thinking.  Indeed, the brain-boosting effects of nitric acid have been proven repeatedly. There is another little known benefit, studies show that it helps to build strong bones, boosting your nitric oxide increases your bone density.

Ageing decreases our level of production of nitric oxide in our bodies to the extent of 75% less than the level it was in our youth.

Researchers have discovered that the lion’s share of nitric oxide is produced in our mouth, not in our stomach or intestines. Saliva and beneficial bacteria in our mouth are necessary to create nitric oxide. Virtually all supplements come in pill, tablet or powder form, which are swallowed, and passes straight to your stomach. This action bypasses the most important step in production of nitric oxide and any hope of reversing your deficiency.

Breakthrough Research have now created a supplement to ensure the interaction with saliva and bacteria in your mouth is used to the full extent.  CircO2 is not a pill, tablet or powder it is a Lozenge that moves around in your mouth or chewed and converts the nutrients in the lozenge into nitric oxide giving you, with every swallow a boost of nitric oxide.

CircO2 is a special blend of herbs and beets. MRI comparison results after intake of beet juice, have shown increased nitric oxide levels, and the brain was flooded with a steady flow of blood, increasing most in the areas that are associated with poor cognition as we get older.

Hawthorn as you may know is a remedy for heart and circulation, here is a new exciting discovery about hawthorn: when it mixes with beets it creates nitric oxide. With both beet and hawthorn combined in this supplement you will get a surge of nitric oxide regardless of your age.

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