Vitamin O – Supplemental Oxygen – A Product Ahead Of Its Time

Vitamin O – Supplemental Oxygen – A Product Ahead Of Its Time


     Vitamin O is a special supplemental oxygen taken in liquid form, produced through electrical-activation with saline solution from the ocean. We’ve been selling Vitamin O since 1996 and it has become our top selling product because it has helped so many people.

Vitamin O has been our most popular product over the last fifteen years because of the benefits people are seeing in their health. Thousands of satisfied customers use it every day to improve and maintain their health.

Although Vitamin O is still a mystery, the simple fact is that people are seeing wonderful improvements to their health when they take it on a regular basis. The thousands of testimonials we’ve received demonstrates the true effectiveness of the product. And, Vitamin O is sold with a money back guarantee to further prove our complete confidence in it.


Need Extra Oomph?


Do you find yourself running a little low on oomph these days? The build up of toxins in your body may be the reason. Toxins can result from improper digestion, lack of exercise, high levels of stress, and pollutants from the water, air, and food we consume. These toxins can make absorption of oxygen difficult. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can fight back without resorting to harmful drugs.
Many have found that a little extra oxygen gives them what they need to improve their health. As you know, oxygen is vital to your body. The trillions of cells in your body need a continuous supply of oxygen to carry out their many vital functions. We can survive for days without water, weeks without food, but only a few minutes without oxygen.
As man has sought better ways to improve his health, sometimes products are discovered that are ahead of their time. Such is the case with the revitalizing liquid oxygen supplement invented by Cal B. Smith. Mr. Smith has developed a process for creating a “heavy water” with fascinating properties.
When asked about this proprietary process, Smith shared some of the highlights of how he creates this unique product: See further details of process at

“The final super-charged oxygen that comes out at the end of these several very different kinds of agitation, has lots of O2, some O3, and even a little bit of O4. Each of these is incrementally 30 times stronger (meaning that if O2 is 30x stronger than O1, than O3 will be 30x more stronger than O2, and so forth).

The result from all this delicate process that requires skill, experience, and patience, is a substance unlike anything else that has ever been marketed to the public.


See just one of hundreds of  testimonials below:


Got Oxygen, Got Life!
When you take vitamin O your body immediately absorbs life force on a cellular level, you feel renewed, energized and ready for the challenges of the day! I have taken vitamin o during a bad cold and noticed it shortened in half. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is that oxygen has ability to go in and kill certain germs, viruses and bacteria. It certainly helps my nasal passages when I take it orally. Vitamin has also helped me conquer the day with energy and stamina that I need during a stressful day as a teacher. If you need the life force that is only found in Vitamin O, then I sincerely recommend that you give yourself that energy, that wow, that incredible life force in a bottle only known to us as Vitamin O! The real pick me upper!
Reviewed by: Steve Sacco from Newark, NJ . on 3/1/2013


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