New CMO Hired On Facebook – Intel Designs Essential Technologies For the World’s Computing Devices – Why Some Ideas Dominate The Net


Facebook Hires Its First CMO — From Google – Marketing Land


AdAge is reporting that Gary Briggs has been hired as Facebook’s new CMO — the first time the company has had such a role. Most recently Briggs was an adv.


Intel: Ultrabook, SmartPhone, Laptop, Desktop, Server, & Embedded

Intel designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world’s computing devices.


Innovation, Reinvention on Intel® Architecture Fuel Wave of 2-in-1

NEWS HIGHLIGHTS Intel introduced 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors that serve as foundation to wave of new 2-in-1s that combine stunning PC performance with tablet-like mobility in one device and deliver on 


The Science Of Reddit: Why Some Ideas Dominate The Net 


The Internet is not a perfect meritocracy, where the best ideas naturally rise to the forefront of the national conversation. It is easy to game the popularit..


Learning about Learnist |


None of these were the case even 5 years ago and this is one of the key factors that inspired Learnist. Also, technology and bandwidth and access have increased to the point that a rich multi-media experience is possible at 



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