Pope Francis Says The Roman Catholic Church Mission “Home For All” – President Vladimir Putin Might Seek 4th Term – Natalie Portman’s Dior Couture Gown is Perfection – Habits of Happy People


Pope Francis: Gays, Abortion Too Much Of Catholic  – Huffington Post


Pope Francis faulted the Roman Catholic church for focusing too much on gays, abortion and contraception, saying the church has become “obsessed” with those issues to the detriment of its larger mission to be “home for all,” 


Vladimir Putin Might Seek 4th Presidential Term In  – Huffington Post


VALDAI, Russia — President Vladimir Putin said Thursday he may run for a fourth presidential term in 2018, confirming the expectations of most Russians and frustrating those now working to restore free elections in Russia.


Natalie Portman’s Dior Couture Gown Is Perfection  – Huffington Post


Lest you think Natalie Portman’s sheer perfection in those Christian Dior ads is all smoke, mirrors and Photoshop, the actress stepped out last night to prove that she’s equally as stunning in real life. To attend the New York 


The Habits Of Supremely Happy People – Huffington Post


Martin Seligman, the father of positive psychology, theorizes that while 60 percent of happiness is determined by our genetics and environment, the remaining 40 percent is up to us.


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