PS: Is A New Hope For Enhancing Memory

You Are Never Too Old For Memory Training

Remember, prevention is better than cure, as you read the following list, in spite of all the reasons for your lapse in memory, PS can slow, halt or reverse the decline of memory due to normal ageing.  We now know how to delay, avoid or even largely reverse age-associated memory impairment (AAMI).

The Six Reasons for AAMI

There are six basic reasons that, left unattended, our memories weaken with age:

  1. The conductivity of our cells, i.e., their ability to carry the electrical messages that generate memory, declines with age as a result of chemical and structural changes in the brain.
  2. Outside influences interfere with our memories, dimming, confusing, rearranging or even blocking them.  These influences include perceptual problems we may develop with age such as reduced hearing or seeing acuity.  While these do not directly interfere with memory, they reduce our gaining full control of what is to be remembered.
  3. As a result of those two factors, we find it harder to add new information to our data bank and therefore are less motivated to do so, leaving our memories to become ‘rusty’ from disuse.
  4. Too often, we eat a poor diet, augmented by the wrong boosting nutritional supplements (or none at all), exercise too little, possibly drink too much alcohol and/or smoke, and thus become overweight, sluggish and prone to poor health, low energy and actual diseases.  Naturally this overall poor health worsens our memories as it worsens all our mental and physical functions.
  5. Stress, a constant in most of our lives, adversely affects memory.
  6. Depression heightens our sense that our memories are failing far more quickly than they really are. This fear adds even more stress and lowers our motivation to fight our real memory declines (because to do so seems ‘hopeless’), thus converting our misevaluation into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

PS: Is A New Hope For Enhancing Memory

Available in Europe for years, and in the US more recently, phosphatidylserine, PS, bathes and rejuvenates the membranes of brain cells.  PS controls the entry of nutrients into the cell and the exit of waste products. PS is by far the best of all these drugs and nutritional supplements tested for retarding Age-Associated Memory Impairment (AAMI).

Within our bodies, PS is most heavily concentrated in the internal layer of the membranes of brain cells, it is directly and actively involved in conducting information across the synaptic gap from one cell to another.  In spite of the fact that PS intake can be gained from fish, rice, soy products and green leafy vegetables,  the amounts obtained from food is sufficient to serve our needs only up to middle age, but is insufficient to jump start the ageing cells in our brain.

By restoring the activity of PS in ageing cell membranes with a PS supplement we keep the chemical interaction and the transfer of electrical impulses between neurons more open to both the sending and receiving ends.  Thus new information can be easily converted into remembered information.

You’re never too old for memory training, it can help prevent and correct forgetfulness at any age. People who make the effort to challenge their brains make new neuronal connections through mental activity. They will therefore have less age-related memory loss.  Check it out now

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